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Baroda Money Market Fund


An Open Ended Debt Scheme
Investment Objective
The primary objective of the scheme is to provide reasonable returns, commensurate with low risk while providing a high level of liquidity, through investments made in money market instruments.
The scheme will have two plans thereunder viz. Regular Plan and Direct Plan. The Direct Plan is meant for direct investments, i.e. for investors who purchase/subscribe to the units of the scheme directly with the Fund and is not available for investors who route their investments through a distributor, while the Regular Plan is meant for investors who route their investments through distributors only.

Both Plans will have a common portfolio but the Direct Plan will have a lower expense ratio on account of absence of brokerage and commission. Hence, both Plans will have distinct NAVs.

Each of the Plans will have the following options:
  • A. Growth Option (default option in case no option specified by investor);
  • Dividend Option
The Dividend option offers the following sub-options :
  • Daily Dividend (default in case no sub-option is specified by the investor)
  • Weekly Dividend Dividends, if any, declared by the scheme will be compulsorily re-invested
  • Monthly Dividend [Payout& Reinvestment (default sub-option in case no sub-option specified by investor)]
Dividend declared by the Scheme in Daily Dividend and Weekly Dividend will be compulsorily re-invested.
Dividend option shall not be available to investors who transact through the stock exchange in dematerialized mode.
In order to have a uniform disclosure on treatment of applications under "Direct" / "Regular" Plans, the following disclosures are made : Scenario Broker Code mentioned by the investor Plan mentioned by the investor Default Plan to be captured 1 Not mentioned Not mentioned Direct Plan 2 Not mentioned Direct Direct Plan 3 Not mentioned Regular Direct Plan 4 Mentioned Direct Direct Plan 5 Direct Not mentioned Direct Plan 6 Direct Regular Direct Plan 7 Mentioned Regular Regular Plan 8 Mentioned Not mentioned Regular Plan In cases of wrong/ invalid/ incomplete ARN codes mentioned on the application form, the application shall be processed under Regular Plan. The AMC shall contact and obtain the correct ARN code within 30 calendar days of the receipt of the application form from the investor/ distributor. In case, the correct code is not received within 30 calendar days, the AMC shall reprocess the transaction under Direct Plan from the date of application without any exit load.

Benchmark Index
Benchmark :CRISIL Money Market index
Fund Manager
Mr. Alok Sahoo & Mr. Karn Kumar
Load Applicability
Entry Load : Not Applicable Pursuant to SEBI circular no. SEBI/IMD/CIR no. 4/168230/09 dated June 30 2009, no entry loadwill be charged by the scheme to the investor. Similarly, no entry loadwill be charged with respect to applications for registrations under Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)/Systematic TransferPlan (STP) accepted by the mutual fund under the scheme.
Exit Load: Nil Investors are requested to check the prevailing load structure of the scheme, before investing.. Any change in load structure, will be prospective and will tantamount to change in fundamental attribute of the Scheme.


Minimum Application Amount :
Purchase:Rs. 5,000/- and in multiples of Re.1/- thereafter.
Additional Purchase:Rs. 1,000/- and in multiples of Re.1/- thereafter.

Re-purchase: No minimum amount

Asset Allocation

​Types of Instruments ​% of Total Assets
​Risk Profile
Money Market instruments
Upto 100% Low to medium
The Scheme will not have any exposure to debt derivatives, securitized debt, REITs and INViTs and Foreign Securities. The Scheme will invest in instruments of varying ratings including unrated debt securities. In addition to the instruments stated in the above table, the Scheme may enter into reverse repos in government securities as may be permitted by SEBI and RBI.
The Scheme will not invest in repos in corporate debt. A part of the net assets may be invested in Triparty Repo or in an alternative investment as may be provided by RBI to meet the liquidity requirements. Pending deployment of the funds in securities as per the investment objectives of the Scheme, the Fund may park the funds of the Scheme in short term deposits of scheduled commercial banks, subject to the guidelines issued by SEBI vide its circular dated April 16, 2007 and as may be amended from time to time.