Baroda Equity Savings Fund is a hybrid mutual fund scheme, that invests in both debt and equity securities. The main purpose of this fund is to balance the risk return characteristics of different asset classes by investing in equity, debt and derivatives. Usage of derivatives reduces equity exposure and consequently protects investors from volatility of returns.

Advantages of investing in Baroda Equity Savings Fund

  • Diversified Asset Allocation – A combination of asset classes helps in optimizing returns & reducing volatility
  • Proprietary Model – Portfolio construct based on Proprietary model which predicts the equity allocation using a multiparameter strategy
  • Monthly rebalancing – A disciplined monthly rebalancing approach , eliminates the human bias towards investing
  • Tax efficiency - Gross exposure to equities & equity related instruments is maintained at 65% , hence investments are eligible for equity taxation

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.