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Corporate Profile

Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited
About Baroda Pioneer
Baroda Pioneer Asset Managemet Company Limited is a joint venture between two large and well-established financial services companies - Bank of Baroda and Pioneer Investments. Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund is positioned to serve the varied asset management needs of investors in India through a range of equity, debt and money market offerings. Since the formation of the joint venture in 2008, Baroda Pioneer has been working to create an operational and servicing platform well suited to the exacting requirements of our existing and potential investors.  
The Company operates out of 54 locations in India and manages average assets of about Rs. 7303.11 cr. for the quarter ending March 2013   
With a focus on enhancing the overall customer experience, Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company is working towards: 
  1. Enhancing the existing product range to include products that will provide investors with a much wider choice suited to their diverse needs and risk profiles

  2. Providing access to international product offerings through the range of products available with Pioneer Investments across its global network

  3. Providing superior and consistent investment performance through sound local investment management supported by exper tise available across the globe

  4. Creating an increasing number of access points for investors through the vast branch network of Bank of Baroda

  5. Bringing in the highest levels of compliance and corporate governance

  6. Introducing increasingly innovative and useful service features on an ongoing basis

  7. Making it easier for investors to receive prompt and efficient/effective/the best levels of customer service